PVC Is A Great Window Material

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PVC Is A Great Window Material

14 September 2016
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There are definitely a lot of things to consider if you are looking for new commercial window fixtures. Some property owners can be overwhelmed by all the materials to choose from. Synthetic materials like vinyl, PVC, and fiberglass have many similarities. However, they do have slight differences, especially when it comes to price and energy efficiency. This article explains why PVC is such a great material for commercial property owners who want a low maintenance material.

The Surface is Hard and Durable

PVC (or polyvinyl carbonate) is similar to plastic. However, it is reinforced for great strength and efficiency. The surface is super smooth, meaning it is ideal for sliding fixtures. A sliding PVC window can operate with ease and it does not need to be lubricated. As long as your window track is clean and clear, the window will slide with little resistance. The hard surface is also great because it does not scratch easily. You probably won't need to ever patch or repair the surface. In the off chance that your sash does get a scratch that you want to fix, you can use a simple PVC patch to fix it. However, this is unlikely. It is also important to note that a PVC window panel will be dyed the same color throughout. Since it is the same color on the inside, small scratches will not be too visible.

It has Different Insulation Levels

PVC is also great because it is made with a variety of insulation. You can find the ratings for your products on the NFRC (or National Fenestrations Rankings Counsel) label. This organization tests and certifies all types of residential window fixtures. The u-factor is probably the most important rating for homeowners to consider. The u-factor value that you should look for depends on your climate. You can find comprehensive rating information on the label and on the NFRC website.

It is Stylish

Many people associate PVC with plumbing pipes. But, PVC is not just boring and white. In fact, it is a material that can be dyed just about any color you could imagine. Most manufacturers have a variety of colors in their catalog. Also, you can find certain products that can be custom dyed. These cost more, but might be the only option if you are looking for a unique color.

PVC is a great window material for most commercial properties. For more information, contact local professionals like Morris Plate Glass.