4 Steps To Take After A Window In Your Home Breaks

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4 Steps To Take After A Window In Your Home Breaks

15 September 2016
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A broken window in your home can be a huge hassle. But immediately after the glass is broken, it is important to act quickly. If a break in, storm, or accident leads to a broken window, take the following steps:

Clean Up the Glass

Since broken glass can be very dangerous to children and pets, make sure you secure the area for their protection. Shattered glass can travel quite a distance, so keep kids and pets as far as possible from the broken window. Before you attempt to clean up any of the broken glass, make sure you're wearing heavy duty gloves and closed-toe shoes for your protection.

After a window breaks, your best bet is to begin the clean up by picking up the largest pieces of glass first and disposing of them in a trash barrel. Then use a vacuum with a hose attachment to pick up smaller pieces of glass in the area. Since small pieces of glass can be very hard to see, you should sweep and mop or carefully vacuum the area several times to ensure that no glass is left over.

Make the Window Secure

If you are not able to have the glass in the window replaced immediately, you will need to do what you can to make the damaged window as secure as possible. In the event that the break is a small hole, you may be able to use clear nail polish to create a barrier until the glass can be replaced. For larger holes or completely shattered glass panes, use a heavy duty tarp or plywood to cover the opening.

Get a Quote for Glass Replacement

For home security and to keep out the weather, it is important to have the glass in your broken window replaced as soon as possible. Call several contractors to find out how much it will cost to have new glass placed in your window frame. When you have the glass replaced, you may want to consider replacing it with shatter-proof glass or having window film applied to the new glass to help make it stronger and less likely to break or shatter in the future.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your homeowners insurance policy may cover the cost of having the glass replaced. Consider your deductible and any increase in premiums that you may incur before making a claim. Depending on the cost of replacement, it may be cheaper to pay out of pocket. Your insurance agent should be able to help you decide which option is best for you.