A Look At Areas Where Anti-Graffiti Film Can Be Used

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A Look At Areas Where Anti-Graffiti Film Can Be Used

17 February 2019
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As a business owner, you strive to keep your business property looking as well-maintained as possible. However, it only takes one person with a can of spray paint and ill intentions to potentially cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. If there are issues with graffiti in your area, there are some things you can do to help combat the problem and protect your property from damage. Specifically, you can use anti-graffiti film to cover certain property elements. This film acts as a protective barrier between paint and your property elements. It can simply be peeled away and replaced after an attack. Take a look at a few places where you should consider adding the film to your business property. 

Install film over the signs that are low to the ground. 

If you have signs that are situated low enough to the ground that offenders can reach them, they can definitely become the landing spot for paint. Most smooth-surface signs can be covered with an anti-graffiti film in such a way that you will never be able to tell that the film is on it. Even if it takes a little time to apply the film to your signs, it is well worth the time and effort to protect one of the more expensive implements on your business property. 

Install film over outdoor trash receptacles. 

Dumpsters and other trash receptacles outdoors are commonly targeted by vandals with a can of spray paint because these things are tucked away in dark places where attacks are easier to pull off. Unfortunately, dumpsters and trash bins are not cheap, so if these things do get painted, they often become painted eyesores that you have to deal with for the long term. Apply a layer of film to your trash bins and dumpsters and if they do get painted, you can simply peel away the damage and replace the film. 

Install the film over doors and windows. 

It is probably already on your mind to cover your window glass with the anti-graffiti film, but don't forget to also cover your doors, even those that are not made of glass. Windows and doors are the most commonly targeted areas of a business property. With the film in place over these areas, you can just peel away the damage when you discover problems, which is far easier than having to replace glass or install new doors because you can't get the paint off of the surfaces. 

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