Services Related To Auto Glass: What Are You Looking For?

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Services Related To Auto Glass: What Are You Looking For?

9 July 2019
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Auto glass services are more than just one service. There are several related services, most of which you could probably name, if you sat and thought about it. If not, here are all of the services offered by most auto glass service shops to help you find what you are looking for. 

Chip Fillers

Tiny little chips out of a windshield or a car window may make you nervous just looking at it. However, the auto glass shop has chip fillers that can fill in these little areas. Then the technician smooths over the area, buffs it, and shines up the glass so that you cannot even tell that there was a chip there at all. 

Windshield Repair

Windshields may be repaired if the damage is minor. This is a crack that does not extend halfway or more across the windshield. If you are particularly bothered by a crack there, you can choose the next glass service. 

Windshield Replacement

People who would rather not drive around with a repaired crack or filled chip, even though they cannot see it but know it is there, can opt to replace the windshield entirely. The shop technician can do this in the shop when you make an appointment. If the shop offers it, the technician will also bring a new windshield to your location and replace it right where you are parked as part of a mobile auto glass repair service. 

Window Replacement

Whether a window in the door of your car was shattered for purposes of theft, or just damaged by accident, the glass repair shop can replace it. When the window itself is fine, but the track or power window motor is "off," then the technician can remove and open up the door to repair/replace the motor, the holding clips, and the gaskets before reinstalling the glass that is not broken. If, after opening up the door, the technician discovers that the glass was damaged after it rolled down in an awkward position into the door, the technician will replace the glass in the process of fixing the door's other issues.

While windshield replacement is part of a mobile service, these more in-depth repairs with door windows are not. You will need to take your car into the shop if you need to fix or replace the glass in the door(s) of your vehicle. The only possible mobile service the technician can provide for door windows is chip filler.