Three Things You Should Know About Frameless Shower Doors Before Renovating Your Bathroom

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Three Things You Should Know About Frameless Shower Doors Before Renovating Your Bathroom

24 October 2019
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If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom, and are still at the idea phase, you should take a look at a frameless shower door to replace your current framed shower door. These doors extend all the way to the bottom of the floor, are made of thick glass, so they do not need frames, and are becoming more common in homes across the country. Here are a few things you need to be aware of concerning this popular shower door:

They will make your bathroom more attractive

Granted, this is subjective. But keep in mind that more people are installing frameless doors in both new homes and upgrading older homes. If you are going to sell your home in the future, this type of shower door will make your house more attractive to buyers. For many who are shopping for a home, the older, framed shower doors can seem outdated.

You can convert a tub and shower

If your bathroom has a tub with a shower, you can have the tub removed, and then replace it with a frameless shower. By not having the tub in your bathroom, you will have more space. This, combined with the new shower design, will create the effect of enlarging the bathroom, even though the total area has not changed. This works nicely if you have two or more bathrooms with tubs. However, if you only have one bathtub, you may want to think about keeping it. You can convert a framed shower door in another bathroom to a frameless shower door.

You need to have them installed

It is possible to install one yourself, and many do-it-yourself homeowners have done so. It seems like it would be an easy job because there is very little hardware. But you need to be aware that these doors are heavy. This is because they are thicker than a regular shower glass door. This means you will need help from someone to mount the door. The door must be perfectly balanced, or you will have leaks. For this reason, it is best to hire a contractor. So you will have a guarantee that the job is done right. 

You can have a glass door company give you an estimate for the cost of the door plus installation. It's a good idea to ask for what is available. A company with a lot of experience will have a portfolio of their work and a catalog of their product line. You can design your new bathroom around the new shower door. You will want to do the tile work for the shower's interior before you install your new frameless shower door.

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