Effective Ways To Keep A Cracked Windshield From Getting Worse Before A Professional Repair

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Effective Ways To Keep A Cracked Windshield From Getting Worse Before A Professional Repair

21 December 2020
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Cracks will naturally occur on your windshield, and when they do, you need to handle them carefully. If you're waiting to have this repair taken care of by a professional, then these protective measures can keep the cracking from getting much worse.

Avoid Activities Involving Vibration

Having cracks on your windshield is already stressful to deal with, and you don't want to make things worse by causing the windshield to experience a bunch of vibrations. That will surely make the cracks spread to other areas, even causing the windshield to collapse inward.

You want to avoid all vibrating activities that you can, such as turning up the music volume and driving on bumpy roads with your vehicle. The fewer vibrations the windshield experiences, the better odds you have of keeping cracks under control until a company can provide repairs.

Try Keeping Temperatures From Fluctuating Around Windshield

Windshields that are exposed to extreme temperatures — going from hot to cold or vice versa — will experience expansion and contraction. These repeated fluctuations are a good recipe for making windshield cracks larger in a short period of time.

You want to avoid temperature fluctuations as much you can. Find a spot for your vehicle to stay where the temperature won't drop or spike too rapidly. That should help you maintain your windshield until the cracks are eventually taken care of at an auto glass repair shop.

Use Super Glue For a Temporary Fix

You may be looking for a temporary fix until you can find the time and money to have the cracked windshield professionally repaired. One solution you might try is super glue. It's a common household item that may be enough to keep the crack from spreading, at least for a little while.

Before you apply super glue, make sure the area around the crack is clean. That will improve this glue's effectiveness at staying inside and keeping elements from affecting the crack's size. it is also worth noting that super glue is only to be used on smaller cracks. Really large ones should be handled by a professional immediately. 

A cracked windshield will put a damper on your day, and it's even worse if you can't get to a repair shop quickly. Still, there are many solutions for keeping cracks from getting bigger in the meantime. You just need to try methods that work for you and your crack situation. For more information about auto glass repair, contact a local repair shop.