The 4 Types Of Obstructive View Glass Shower Enclosures

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The 4 Types Of Obstructive View Glass Shower Enclosures

8 September 2016
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While shower curtains are an inexpensive way to add style to your bathroom, your guests will prefer showering in a shower that has glass doors. In order to protect your guest's privacy and make them feel more secure while they are showering, you should select a shower enclosure that offers an obstructive view glass. There are four types of obstructive view glass used in shower enclosures today:

  1. tinted glass
  2. frosted glass
  3. textured glass
  4. reflective glass

Here is more information on each type of glass to help you make your purchasing decision:

Tinted Glass 

Tinted glass shower enclosures have been treated in such a way that the glass is colored rather than clear. While the colored glass does not completely obscure the view, it does reduce the transparency of the glass and remind people to look away from the shower because someone is standing in it.

Tinted glass shower enclosures are good for homes with children and pets because they are not damaged by scratches or easily soiled like other types of shower glass can be. Since tinted glass comes in a variety of shades and colors, it looks appropriate in nearly all design schemes.

Frosted Glass 

Frosted glass shower enclosures have glass panels that have been either acid etched or sandblasted with a very fine medium to gently pit the glass. These small pits give the glass an appearance of being frosted with ice.

Frosted glass is good for obscuring views and is easier to clean and maintain than textured or reflective glass. Frosted glass also often has designs that have been created during the frosting process and you can add to the look of your bathroom by selecting an appropriate design.

Textured Glass

Shower enclosures that have been texturized by sandblasting the glass can also be purchased in a wide variety of designs. Glass with less texturizing treatment will let in more light and will be easier to keep clean and free of dust. Glass that has more texturizing will create a darker shower space and can trap dust in their textured areas if you are not vigilant about removing it each week.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass shower enclosures are unique because the glass gets its reflective property from a thin layer of coating that is applied on top of the glass. Since the film can be damaged by pet nails and children's toys, reflective glass shower enclosures are best for adult-only households or bathrooms used primarily by adults.

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