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2 DIY Ways To Make Your Glass Shower Enclosure More Private

1 November 2018
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There are many great benefits when installing a glass shower enclosure. There is less biofilm and bacteria to clean off since there is no need for a shower curtain. The enclosures are made with tempered safety glass, so they are quite durable. They can make a small bathroom look a lot larger and add value to your home if you ever need to sell. One potential downside, however, is that you may feel like you don't have a lot of privacy—especially if you have limited space and need to share the bathroom at the same time as others, or if you have lots of windows. Read More …

3 Things You’ll Probably Want For Your New Shower

27 July 2018
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If you are thinking about installing a new shower in your home, then you could be unsure of what to tell your bathroom remodeling contractor that you want. Of course, there are many different styles of showers and different choices that you can make when installing a new shower. However, these are three things that you will probably agree that your new bathroom shower needs. 1. Frameless Glass Shower Door Read More …

3 Traits Of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

22 March 2018
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You do not just want to replace the windows in your home when they get old. You want to make sure that you are also upgrading your windows as well. You want the windows that you put in your home to be better than the ones that you took out. When searching for the most energy-efficient and affordable windows for your home, pay attention to the number of panes of glass, the gas used to fill the glass panes, and the type of certification the window has. Read More …

Cracked Car Glass: Avoid These Action

11 February 2018
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If you're someone who is in a car most days of the week, you use the windshield and windows constantly. Auto glass is mostly overlooked, but protection from the rain, wind, and snow is vital for car travel. Therefore, when you see cracks, it's smart to commit to these actions until repairs can happen. 1-Close Doors Gently Whether cracks appear in the side windows or the windshield, the vibrations from a door slam can crack the glass more than it was before. Read More …