Cracked Car Glass: Avoid These Action

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Cracked Car Glass: Avoid These Action

11 February 2018
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If you're someone who is in a car most days of the week, you use the windshield and windows constantly. Auto glass is mostly overlooked, but protection from the rain, wind, and snow is vital for car travel. Therefore, when you see cracks, it's smart to commit to these actions until repairs can happen.

1-Close Doors Gently

Whether cracks appear in the side windows or the windshield, the vibrations from a door slam can crack the glass more than it was before. The easiest way to maintain the integrity of the glass is to be thoughtful of how hard you close the doors. Gently closing them won't fix cracks of course, but it also won't make them worse.

2-Keep Temperatures Constant

On a cold day, you may warm up the engine and crank the heat so you can be warm on your way to work. You might also notice that the small crack on your side door has somehow gotten longer. That's because the glass is sensitive to temperature changes; if one side of the glass is extremely cold and the other is warm, that's enough to cause problems. Try to keep temperatures in and out of the vehicle as constant as you're able. You may, for instance, keep the heat lower than usual while you're awaiting repairs.

3-Keep Driving to a Minimum

If the bottom of the windshield is cracked and not obstructing your visit, you may chance a drive to work or the store. This can be lots of trouble. As the wind pushes against the windshield, the crack could splinter or grow further. If possible, wait until glass repairs are completed before driving the car all over.

4-Try Glue

Clear, heavy-duty glue can be a short-term fixer for chips and other glass problems. A thin film of the substance over the area can at the very least reduce chances that it will grow larger and wreak more havoc. It's important you realize the glue won't last forever and isn't made to; don't neglect repairs because you're hoping that the glue will keep working as you ride around.

Your car's cracked glass may last longer with these tips, but you're going to ultimately need professional glass repair technicians. Many vehicle glass companies offer mobile services these days. You can arrange for experts to meet you somewhere and they can do repairs. That way the glass is handled and you can ride free again. 

Contact local Auto Glass repair services for more information and assistance.