3 Things You'll Probably Want For Your New Shower

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3 Things You'll Probably Want For Your New Shower

27 July 2018
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If you are thinking about installing a new shower in your home, then you could be unsure of what to tell your bathroom remodeling contractor that you want. Of course, there are many different styles of showers and different choices that you can make when installing a new shower. However, these are three things that you will probably agree that your new bathroom shower needs.

1. Frameless Glass Shower Door

First of all, when it comes to your new shower, one thing that you are probably going to want to avoid is hanging up a shower curtain. After all, they can look quite outdated when compared to today's modern bathrooms and can be difficult to clean. Next, you'll probably want to avoid regular framed shower doors, which can also be difficult to clean. Instead, you will probably want to opt for a frameless glass shower door, which are generally easier to clean and have a more modern look. A company like Superior Frameless Showers can provide more information. 

2. Built-In Bench

Next, you will probably want to build a bench in your new shower. Even if you have never had a bench in a shower before, you might be surprised by just how handy it is to have a place to sit when you're washing your feet, shaving your legs or waiting for the conditioner to set in your hair. Plus, later on, you might find it useful if you have mobility issues and need to sit down while you're showering.

3. Niche for Storage

One thing that a lot of people don't think about when they are designing their showers is where they are going to store their shampoo, soap, shaving cream and other necessities. It's easy to forget about this kind of thing when you're first doing your renovation, but later, you might find yourself wishing that you had a place to put all of these things. There are various organization products that you can purchase to help, but for a neater look, you'll probably prefer a built-in niche that can be installed when your shower is installed.

Of course, different people have different preferences when having new showers installed in their homes. However, these are three things that you will probably want in your shower when you are renovating your bathroom. If you talk to a good remodeling contractor, he or she can tell you more about putting in a new shower and otherwise fixing up this area of your home.