Why Vinyl Is A Practical Window Material

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Why Vinyl Is A Practical Window Material

9 September 2016
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Window replacement is a smart home remodel for homeowners who are trying to make their house more energy efficient. Do you ever walk by a window in your home and feel a slight breeze, even when the fixture is closed and locked? If so, you will definitely appreciate the functionality, airtight seal, and energy efficiency of new window fixtures. Of course, not all windows are equally efficient when it comes to insulation. This article explains why vinyl is a great material for homeowners who want efficient and practical windows.

Heat Transfer

Vinyl is a great material because it does not transfer heat as quickly as aluminum or fiberglass. Basically, this means that the outside temperature will not affect the temperature inside your home. In turn, this means that you can be less reliant on running your expensive air-conditioners and heaters throughout the year. Over the years, you can definitely recoup some of your money through your reduced utility bills.

It is, however, important to realize it all not all vinyl windows have the same level of insulation. Luckily, there is a universal rating system that helps buyers identify which windows are best for their particular climate. The National Fenestration Rating Council (or NFRC) is tests and labels windows according to multiple criteria. These ratings point out key features and energy efficiency ratings for particular products. The U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient are the most important rankings. Don't be worried if these sound confusing—the rating explains what these mean and what you should buy for your climate. Some customers will buy products with more insulation than the NFRC suggests to give their home extra efficiency.

Vinyl Is Easy to Maintain

Vinyl windows are also well loved by homeowners because they require such little maintenance. They never need to be stained or painted. A vinyl window is dyed and not painted. Since the entire frame of your window is the same color, you don't need to worry about the paint being scratched or fading. You don't need to spend your time or money refinishing your frames over the years.

Vinyl Is Stylish

You should also look at all the great styles that vinyl windows are made in. Not only is it available in any color you can imagine, it is also made in various textures. The texture on vinyl windows is especially helpful on sliding windows. This reduces friction and allows the sash to slide without any lubrication.

Vinyl is a great window product, no matter what your reason for investing. Contact a company like Alabama Glass Works Inc for more information about your options.