Repairing A Crack In Your Stained Glass Window

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Repairing A Crack In Your Stained Glass Window

12 September 2016
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Many people appreciate not only the functional aspect of stained glass windows, but their artistic value as well.

Older homes often featured stained-glass windows. If your home has stained-glass elements, then it's imperative that you take the time to learn how you can repair any minor cracks that might appear in the surface of these windows. This knowledge will help you preserve the artistic beauty of your home's stained glass well into the future.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you can begin making repairs to minor cracks in stained glass, you will need to have access to some specialized supplies. Most of the items needed can be purchased from your local craft store, home improvement store, or big box store.

Gathering the following items is the first step in the repair process:

  • UV-resistant epoxy
  • Self-adhesive thermometer strip
  • Glass mixing bowl and rod
  • Hair dryer
  • Cotton rag
  • Razor blade
  • Glass medicine dropper
  • Toothpick

Step 2: Mix And Apply Your Epoxy

When it comes to successfully repairing a crack in your stained-glass window, proper preparation of your epoxy is essential. You should follow the manufacturer's directions exactly, since this will ensure that the chemical compound within the epoxy is stable and has the ability to cure properly. Investing in a UV-resistant epoxy ensures that the repaired area will not discolor as it comes into contact with sunlight over time.

You should always ensure that you are using glass mixing bowls, rods, and droppers when handling your epoxy solution. The epoxy can cause plastic mixing equipment to warp, so glass materials are a must. Be sure that you use only enough epoxy to fill in the crack, since you don't want the epoxy to overflow onto the surrounding glass.

Step 3: Make Sure to Cure It Properly

In order for your epoxy to cure properly, you must create the optimal environmental conditions in which the curing takes place. Epoxy should only be applied to the cracked portion of your stained glass once the glass has been heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can check the temperature of the glass by placing the self-adhesive thermometer strip near the cracked area and using the hair dryer to slowly heat the glass to the proper temperature. Coming into contact with heated glass allows the epoxy to fill the crack completely before it begins to cure, ensuring a proper repair takes place.

Understanding how you can use epoxy to repair minor cracks in your stained glass will help you preserve your artistic windows in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like Griggs & Son Glass & Mirror.