Some Simple Steps To Free Up Stuck Windows

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Some Simple Steps To Free Up Stuck Windows

14 September 2016
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Windows in your home are a source of beautiful sunshine and fresh air. But, if they are stuck shut, refusing to open, or will hardly budge with all the muscle you can muster, they lose some of that usefulness. Here are some tips to help open your stuck windows and let the fresh air freely flow through your home.

The first thing to do is to apply just a little bit of lubrication down the track that the window slips through. Take a clean, soft cloth and lightly spray a non-staining silicone spray covering about 1-inch of the cloth. Wipe the track above your stuck window with this cloth.

Then, take your silicone spray with the pinpoint extender in place, and spray just a very small amount of silicone at the top of the window frame so that it will gently bleed down the sides to the lower part of the window track. This will help to free up the window if the sticking problem is between the frame and the lower half of the window track.

Repeat this process three times using a minimal amount of silicone spray each time to avoid saturating your window. Try your window with normal force, and if it is still stuck move on to the process outlined below to try and free your window. Remember to use a non-staining silicone spray.

Windows can become stuck after they are painted, from lack of regular use, or just from age. Here are a few steps to follow that may be able to free your stuck window.

1. You will need a wooden board, preferably a 3-inch wide by 1-inch piece of pinewood. Cut the length 2 or 3 inches short of the width of your windowsill so that it will lay flat across the frame.

2. If your window frames are shorter from top to bottom than they are wide, you will need to cut a similar piece of wood a few inches shorter than the overall height of the window so that it will fit along each side vertically.

3. Wrap your board in cloth, preferably a towel. Make sure the wrap is tight so that the board fits flush against the frame of the window.

4. Using a rubber mallet, lightly tap along the bottom frame of your window. Start in the middle and work your way back and forth from left to right, moving gradually from the left side, then back to the right side – 2 to 3 inches at a time. Do this along the whole length of the bottom of your window frame and repeat it twice.

5. Follow the same process along both sides of the window frame, being certain to light tap the window, moving patiently just a couple inches at a time. Follow along the top edge of the window frame where the window lock is located in the same fashion.

6. When you have completed this for the entire edge of the window frame, try again to open using normal force. You can use the palm of your hand to bump under the top of the window frame to free it up, but as mentioned, avoid using a hammer to pound your window open.

3 - Special Notes of Caution

1. Do not use a standard metal carpenter's hammer to pound your windows open. Hitting your windows with too much force can vibrate your window and shatter the glass.

2. Do not pound up on the center frame of your window. This can loosen the seal along the top edge of the window, compromising the airtight seal when you want your windows closed securely.

3. Do not try to drive a screwdriver, or other type of wedge between the windowsill and the frame. This could not only damage the exterior surface of your windows, but also force the windows out of alignment making the problem worse.

If your window will still not budge, after following the steps below, consult with a window installation and repair specialist. If you are successful in getting your window free, wipe the window track and the edges of the window frame with your silicone rag a couple times a year to prevent the window from becoming stuck again. A little prevention can go a long way and you'll be able to let the fresh air flow whenever you want without struggling with a stuck window. 

If you have any problems, or you cannot free your stuck windows using these simple steps, contact a window repair specialist. Better to consult a window expert who may be able to easily fix the problem rather than bust a window. For more information, visit a site like