4 Tips For Shopping For A Shower Door

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4 Tips For Shopping For A Shower Door

19 September 2016
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A full bathroom remodel can be very exciting-- there is nothing like replacing an old, outdated bathroom with a beautiful new retreat. There are many things that must be considered and purchased during a bathroom remodel, including a shower door. If you're remodeling your bathroom in the near future, use the following tips when shopping for the perfect shower door:

Know Your Dimensions

When shopping for a new shower door for your remodel, it is important to measure in advance so you know what size you need. You also want to ensure that you're shopping in the right section; if you have a stand alone shower, you don't want to make the mistake of looking at shower doors that are designed for bath tub/shower combinations.

Consider Space Limitations

Before purchasing a shower door, think about the shape and size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is very narrow, a shower door that swings open may not be the best option since you may not be able to fully open it. A pivot or sliding shower door may be a better option for small spaces.

Think About a Steam Shower

If you want your shower to be more than just a place to get clean, you may want to consider buying a shower door that can turn your shower into a steam shower. Steam shower doors extend up to the ceiling of your shower and trap the steam in, which can create a very relaxing and spa-like showering experience. Glass steam shower doors can be more expensive that regular shower doors, but many people think that they are worth the cost.

Framed vs. Frameless

You will need to decide whether you want to purchase a framed or frameless shower door for your new bathroom. Framed shower doors typically have a strip of metal surrounding the door, and the frame is attached to hardware. This type of shower door is best at preventing leaks. However, frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular. These types of shower doors are made of very thick glass and rely on heavy-duty hardware to connect it to the shower wall.

A frameless shower door can look more airy and spacious in your bathroom and will allow custom tile work in the shower to be a focal point. However, frameless shower doors are often more expensive, so, if you're on a tight budget, a framed shower door may be a better option. For more information about what kind of shower door will suit your needs, talk to a company like Mitchell's Glass & Mirror.