3 Features To Look For In A Commercial Glass Service For Your Retail Business

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3 Features To Look For In A Commercial Glass Service For Your Retail Business

30 October 2017
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As the owner and operator of a retail business, there are all kinds of service people who will make your job much easier. From the commercial plumber who comes during a sewage crisis to the electrician that tends to power outages, these people can keep your store going when you would otherwise be forced to shut down. One other service you need is a commercial glass service. Here is a look at some of the features to look for in a commercial glass service for your retail business. 

The service offers after-hours repairs in emergency situations. 

Retail stores usually keep longer service hours to cater to the needs of customers. However, some glass repair companies may only be available through normal business hours. If something happens to a glass fixture in your store well outside the normal hours of business, you need to know that someone can come to you and make repairs without leaving you in a bad situation. For example, if the glass is broken out of one of the store windows close to closing time for your store, you need a glass service who can immediately send someone out to at least remove the broken glass pieces and board up the damage until the area can be repaired. 

The service employs skilled tradespeople capable of catering to your glass needs. 

In a retail setting, there can be many kinds of glass on the grounds. You may have tempered glass on oven doors in your retail deli, freezer glass on cooler cases, and even tinted glass on the doors. When you are looking to contract the services of a professional glass repair company, it is important to make sure the company can handle all of the glass needs you have. Therefore, they should have people on their team that can aptly repair the specific types of glass you have. 

The service offers advance glass measurements from the beginning of your signup as a client. 

Some of the top-of-the-line glass services take the initiative to ensure they already know what glass piece measurements are when you call with an issue. These services will come to your store and take detailed measurements of glass windows, doors, and other fixtures and create a diagram to work from if you call with a problem. This cuts down on repair time because a representative won't actually have to come to the store to take measurements every time you have a broken piece of glass. 

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